Education for photographers

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As photographers we are in a continuing process of learning. From other photographers, from our mentors or from our partners. PhotoVision is one of the most amazing places you can learn from others, and I recommend it to you!

What is PhotoVision?

Well, PhotoVision is a great learning tool, like having a seminar in your own studio every other month!

PhotoVision offers the unique opportunity to observe photographers in their actual working environments:  Any Time…Any Place…Any How! PhotoVision is for all professional portrait, wedding, commercial and event photographers as well as for any serious students of photography.

Now, you have the chance to get it for a special price!

Sign up here and use the promo code PVFAN and you will receive Photovision 2011 for just $49, a savings of $150 off the regular price of $199.  It’s that easy!!!