International Love: Rut + Corey

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I love being a photographer. It offers me the chance to see new places, to get to know new cultures and learn about traditions.

Love doesn’t have age, or color or religious preferences. It just happens, and we all have been there 🙂

When Rut and Corey told me they wanted me to document their wedding I knew it will be an amazing event for me too, not only because they are a sweet young couple, but also because I had the chance to witness my first Baptist wedding.

bridal church

The ceremony was very beautiful and very touching.Parents emotions during wedding ceremony

Bride's sister emotions during wedding ceremony

And yet again, this is genuine love

Parents emotions during wedding ceremony during baptist ceremony

Bride’s father is also the Pastor, and it was a beautiful moment when he pried and offered his blessings:

Pastor blessing young couple during baptist wedding ceremony

Bride and groom



Thank you Rut and Corey and may your love last forever!