Wedding Book, Handmade in Italy

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A blend of quality and beauty

The new album available with our Essential Collection features a lay-flat continuous binding, photographic paper, board linings and the smooth leatherette material for the cover with a matching box.

The album portrays a class of elegance. It has an unmistakable style that blends innovation with strong Italian craftsmanship.

Handmade Wedding Albums

The block

» features the patented binding system invented by GraphiStudio. The lay-flat binding allows you to view the panoramic page without seeing a separation in the seam. The book is available in square format or rectangular (horizontal or vertical).

Magnetic transparencies

The magic of the book closing mechanism stems from the desire to protect the book without hiding its cover and refined finishing. This intent is obtained thanks to a plexiglass plate linked to the box through a magnetic fastening. The lid is available in both transparent and semitransparent options.